Jerk cat suggests: Get a haircut.


I always loved ninjas. I always wanted to become one (and a witch, and an elven battle-mage, but that’s not important now). After I got the right physique, the all-black training clothes, plus the mysterious atmosphere (I’m an introvert and my “people skills” are “rusty”, therefore I’m mysterious, duh.), I was pretty sure that I was a ninja. At least until my jerk cat said otherwise. She knows that I’m insecure and she is playing at it. My fault, I guess. But she is still a jerk.

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What I have learned by randomly starting parkour

Do you ever get the feeling of wanting to do something totally opposite of your usual pastime? Like when you are watching a movie about dancing, and you think ‘Damn, I should start to learn ballet‘. Or start to play guitar. Or sign up for an astronomy class, without knowing anything about the subject. Continue reading What I have learned by randomly starting parkour

Outdoor-girl’s problem

I like pretty dresses and nice shoes, just like any other girl. I like to do my hair and wear makeup. A year ago and further back, my outfit was on the point, my mascara, eyebrows and winged eyeliner were truly fab. Now  when I arrive somewhere, the first thing people notice is; ‘she looks tired and sweaty…wow, is she wearing sweatpants and soft-shell jacket?…Why is she wearing her hair in a side-braid all the time…?

Yes. These are the problems of the outdoor-girl.

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Me and my muffin top – how to lose fat fast

We are the fitness generation. Everybody is super-hyped about trying different diets, lose weight and be skinny. To be honest, I don’t blame the people who are following these trends, wherever I look (be that on TV, online or in magazines) I see that I’m not perfect, and/or I could still improve.

Unfortunately, for folks who tend to think low of themselves, this can be a tremendous pressure. I have dealt with the same problem. Mostly I didn’t want to start doing anything because i was worried what others might think of me. Will I look silly? Will they laugh at me? I would rather just exercise in secret, and when I get hot, I will go public, right? To the people who think like that: I feel you. But sometimes you have to fake it first, then make it.

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Morning person?

I love to wake up early. I love to get my nice, warm cup of coffee, if I have time, toasted rye-bread with peanut butter and an avocado. I love to talk to my hubby and kiss him goodbye before he leaves for work. Although, it wasn’t always like this. I used to think 09.00 was early. So here is my question; can you become a morning person?

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Biking in Copenhagen

Biking. Copenhagen is one of the most bikeable cities in Europe and Danes takes rules very seriously…although sometimes they happen to forget them. Just…use hand signals and always look around before turning, and then if anything happens, at least you can say it wasn’t your fault. Continue reading Biking in Copenhagen

Stay motivated

Sometimes it’s not what you have to do, but how to stay on the track. I always had a hard time staying motivated, and I’m the queen of procrastination. In order to make my every-days more qualitative, I decided to change a few things. I’m happy to say that not only I stuck to my goals, but I became a happier, more confident person. Here is how:

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A year in a Danish folk high school

During my first year spent in Denmark, I went to Gerlev Idrætshøjskole. It’s a sports school. The funny thing was, I couldn’t care less about sports and fitness, I just went because my friend was goading me (and I thank God she did!). Continue reading A year in a Danish folk high school