Jerk cat suggests: Get a haircut.


I always loved ninjas. I always wanted to become one (and a witch, and an elven battle-mage, but that’s not important now). After I got the right physique, the all-black training clothes, plus the mysterious atmosphere (I’m an introvert and my “people skills” are “rusty”, therefore I’m mysterious, duh.), I was pretty sure that I was a ninja. At least until my jerk cat said otherwise. She knows that I’m insecure and she is playing at it. My fault, I guess. But she is still a jerk.

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Outdoor-girl’s problem

I like pretty dresses and nice shoes, just like any other girl. I like to do my hair and wear makeup. A year ago and further back, my outfit was on the point, my mascara, eyebrows and winged eyeliner were truly fab. Now  when I arrive somewhere, the first thing people notice is; ‘she looks tired and sweaty…wow, is she wearing sweatpants and soft-shell jacket?…Why is she wearing her hair in a side-braid all the time…?

Yes. These are the problems of the outdoor-girl.

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Me and my muffin top – how to lose fat fast

We are the fitness generation. Everybody is super-hyped about trying different diets, lose weight and be skinny. To be honest, I don’t blame the people who are following these trends, wherever I look (be that on TV, online or in magazines) I see that I’m not perfect, and/or I could still improve.

Unfortunately, for folks who tend to think low of themselves, this can be a tremendous pressure. I have dealt with the same problem. Mostly I didn’t want to start doing anything because i was worried what others might think of me. Will I look silly? Will they laugh at me? I would rather just exercise in secret, and when I get hot, I will go public, right? To the people who think like that: I feel you. But sometimes you have to fake it first, then make it.

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Morning person?

I love to wake up early. I love to get my nice, warm cup of coffee, if I have time, toasted rye-bread with peanut butter and an avocado. I love to talk to my hubby and kiss him goodbye before he leaves for work. Although, it wasn’t always like this. I used to think 09.00 was early. So here is my question; can you become a morning person?

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Spring weather

Last week we had a crazy weather. Spring was coming with a usual, powerful wind. It was so strong, at some point on I had 40 knots blowing against me. I had a hard time getting on my bicycle (no kidding), there was many times when I almost lost my balance and fell. I’m sure I looked quite funny though, jumping on one leg, gaping like a fish… Continue reading

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